1) Your site MUST be Lord of the Rings-related
2) Your content must be family-friendly: keep everything PG-rated.
3) You must own the site you're nominating--how else can you put up a code?
4) Speaking of codes, you must put one of my codes on your site BEFORE you nominate. I won't add you to the nominee list until I see my code in a find-able place on your site like a splash, index, awards, or site page.
5) On the nomination form, so that I know you've read the rules, type "Inconceivable" when you get to "Cliffs of Insanity"
6) Once you win a category, you can't enter that same category until the next round (if you win a category in round one, you can't nominate again for that category until round three)
7) You can nominate your site for as many categories as you want, but you cannot nominate your site for a category that it doesn't fit. Example: Orlando Bloom fan sites do not belong in the "Best Book-related Site" category.
8) You must keep the code up until the round is over
9) All judging is final, so if you don't win anything, please don't appeal for a rejudging. That said, you're more than welcome to enter the next round!

Read the rules? Yay! Go nominate!