Best General - For the best general LotR site, not devoted to any one character, actor, or race. Should have lots of entertaining content and info.

Best Layout - For the most amazing use of design in an LotR layout. All images should blend well, colors and fonts should compliment each other, etc. Graphics that are not part of the layout are judged separately. Note: template sites (like many built on MSN Group and Freewebs) are NOT eligible for this category.

Best Graphics - For the best use of graphics that are not part of the layout. Banners, wallpapers, avatars, icons, etc. are judged. Make sure you've made all the graphics yourself!

Best Movie-related Site - For the site with the best movie content. Photos, movie info, actor/actress info, etc. are judged.

Best Book-related Site - For the site with the best book content. Accuracy is a must if you have bios and Tolkien info.

Best Character Site - For the best site devoted entirely to either one character or a character pair/trio (like Eowyn/Faramir or Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli).

Best LotR Actor/Actress Site - For the best site devoted entirely to one of the actors and actresses in LotR.

Best Site Name - For the most intriguing and original site title. If it's in Elvish or another language besides English, please give the translation in the Comments box in the nomination form.

Best Junior Site - For the best site under six months old. Category will be judged mainly on how much you've accomplished with your site in so short a time.

Best Senior Site - For the best site over six months old. Category will be judged by how much your site is still updated with fresh and new content.

Best Media Site - For the best selection of music, video, fonts, and other assorted multimedia

Best Gallery - For the most thorough and exhaustive photo galleries. These are usually movie galleries, but they can also contain fan art, official drawings by artists like Alan Lee, pictures from the animated LotR series, etc.

Best Splash Page - For the best splash (index page with the welcoming graphic) page: must have nice graphics and make viewers eager to enter.

Best Awards Site - For the best site that gives out LotR awards. Category will be judged on your fairness in judging, originality, kind of awards, codes, etc.

Best Forum - For the best discussion board only (the whole site must be a forum). Category will be judged mostly on how well your members interact with each other, the level of discussion going on, and the general atmosphere.

Most Unique - For the most original and unique site. There are thousands of LotR sites on the web; yours needs to be the one that makes visitors stand up and take notice of what you have that all the other sites don't.

Most Devoted - For the site with the most regular and thorough updates, level of long-term commitment, etc. This is basically equivalent to Best Webmaster/Webmiss.

Most Interactive - For the site with the most content that lets visitors interact with the site instead of just looking at pages. Content like polls, tag-board, forums, chat rooms, sections that let visitors submit things, etc. will be the basis for judging.

Friendliest Site - For the most friendly and welcoming site. Besides your main site, your forums, chat rooms, tag-boards, and comments will be examined for their level of friendliness.

The Vanyara Award - For the best site out of all the nominees. Only the truly outstanding sites will receive this award, which is the highest award you can receive. All LotR nominees (non-LotR nominees are not eligible) are automatically entered in this category.