Welcome to the Vanyara Awards, an awards site designed to recognize the amazing achievements of webmasters and webmistresses of Lord of the Rings-related sites. Please feel free to take a look around and nominate your own site!


12/30/04 - Sorry for the delay in posting the winners :( They're finally up; you can access them here. Note that there are two winners for the Best Book Site award, as I couldn't decide on just one winner. Quite frankly, the reviews aren't working out as well as I hoped, so there will be no more reviews in future rounds (I'll do my best to write reviews for Round 1 though). The nomination form for Round 2 is now up, with a few changes in the rules and some new/deleted categories. There are also five new affiliates. Enjoy the updates, and sorry again for the wait!

11/1/04 - Two new affiliates (Samwise the Brave and Laurea Hwesta). Also, judging is finally complete, and I've started on the reviews. I'm doing the private ones first, then I'll write the public ones, then make the awards, and finally post the results.

10/31/04 - Just wanted to let you all know that I've finished judging all the categories except Best General and the Vanyara Award (the hardest categories to judge), and that I'll be making/sending out the awards and posting/e-mailing the reviews soon. Thanks for your patience!

10/17/04 - Five new nominees and three new affiliates. Nominating has officially ended with a total forty-five nominees, and judging/reviewing will begin ASAP.

10/15/04 - Three new nominees and two new affiliates. Nominating ends Sunday, so if you haven't nommed yet, go forth and send in the form!

10/12/04 - Four more nominees and four more affiliates. The qualifications for the forum category have been changed somewhat, since I didn't make clear what they were meant to be before. Also won an award which I've posted in the Extras section.

10/11/04 - Added eleven more nominees to bring the total up to thirty-three. The nomination form has been switched to PHP so that (hopefully) no more nominees will be lost in cyberspace. Also note that I have had to discard some sites from categories they've nominated for because they either didn't fit (e.g., template sites nominating for best layout), or had almost no content.

10/6/04 - Yay! Six more nominees and two more affiliates. Please make sure you read the descriptions of the categories carefully, as I've had to take out a few nominees from certain categories they didn't qualify for.

10/3/04 - One more nominee. I'll be out of town the rest of today and tomorrow, so I won't be able to post any nominations until Tuesday. Thanks for waiting!

10/2/04 - Second update for today: two new affiliates and one new nominee. Also, it seems like the nomination form has been losing a few entries, so if you're sure that you've posted a code but I still haven't added you to the nom list, please resubmit or e-mail me your nomination. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!

10/2/04 - Four new nominees, bringing the total nomination count up to fourteen. Also added another affiliate: Luin Ithil.

9/30/04 - Added eight new nominees (am still waiting for the ninth to add a code) and one new affiliate.

9/29/04 - Added two new affiliates and two new nominees. Remember, I won't add your site to the nominee list until I see my code on your site!

9/29/04 - The Vanyara Awards are now open! Nominations are greatly appreciated! Also, if you're the owner of a LotR-related awards site, I'd love to be affiliates with you; check the sidebar for the contact address.